Hi, I'm
Eduardo Sajgalik

Who am I?

  • — Explorer of worlds —
  • — Multicultural talker —
  • — Yet living online —

What I can provide

Community Development
Online communication has moved away from press release style messaging to a much more dynamic form, where people want to interact directly. The number of ways that you can transmit your message is daunting to say the least and will only keep increasing. Where I want to aid is by helping you plan how to best interact with your community, as well as setting it up to be self-sufficient and growing.
Online & Live Event Design
Gathering people for a key moment is as good today as it has been since the dawn of history. But online space and the presence of Social Media has changed matters – it’s a lot easier to talk and spread the word about your event. I want to help you stand out of the crowd by creating and developing your events, whether they take place in the digital or live space.
Training & Coaching
It may be you just need guidance to improve your team or yourself in a specific area. This website should give you a good idea of where my skills lie and I have in the past delivered seminars and coaching – get in touch and ask what you would like to learn! Here are the areas I can boost your knowledge in: Social Media, Events & Contests (online or live), Public Speaking and others. If you are a fan of Magic: the Gathering, I can also coach you on that too!

Professional journey

Independent Video Games

Location: Montreal

I am currently writing this chapter of my life - consulting for Community Development! I have already become a proud member of La Guilde des Jeux Vidéos Indépendants au Québec to demonstrate my commitment to independent game development in the region. This means I am specifically aware of the challenges and opportunities you have access to – get in touch if you are looking to develop your community branches or are simply looking for best practices in the space.

Location: Everywhere!

Faced with my first real career break, I decided to use the savings I had accumulated to go travelling. It helps that my card-playing hobby paid for quite a few of these flights. A sample of my destinations: Devon, Milan, Valencia, Peru, Bolivia, New York, London, Seville, Brussels, Krakow, Paris, Florence, Las Vegas, Lille, Vancouver, Toronto, Bristol, Edinburgh, Madrid, Lyon, Miami, Atlanta, Montreal, Detroit, Barcelona, Columbus, Pittsburgh, The Hague, Rotterdam, Honolulu, Sydney and to top it off, an astonishing trip to New Zealand. In the end, I fell in love with Montreal and decided to establish a new base there. This city is truly fascinating, with a vibe like few others.

Mind Sports International

Location: Plymouth, UK

A passion project made me work at this company, focused on developing a series of events bringing different types of competitive games together (Scrabble, Chess, Magic: The Gathering, eSports, Go and more). To say my work was open-ended would be an understatement – whether it was phoning tournament organizers across the globe, designing schedules, starring in video content, writing articles or communicating with a community as varied in nature as the competitive games they enjoyed (Scrabble players had very different desires from those playing Starcraft II). It was in any case an interesting time at this small company from Plymouth that had much larger ambitions then its size would suggest.
Jagex Games Studio

Location: Cambridge, UK

This is the largest independent video game developer in the UK – it was close to 500 employees when I was there. RuneScape is a very strange success story for a MMORPG, where two brothers created a game in their basement that is now played by millions of players online. Being able to play the game from a browser is a great compelling point – a precursor of what was to come as part of the mobile revolution. As for myself, I had a lot of fun interacting with the French Community of the game mainly, but touching as well the Spanish, fan sites and a lot more. My happiest projects remain the contest that ended up more than doubling our Facebook language audiences, as well the event and contest work on War of Legends that gave new life to a game that was close to having its servers terminated.